When you post articles as often as Autodesk's Redshift, stock photography can become stale and difficult to align with your message. The quick and easy route would be to look for stock illustrations from the many sources available the web. That's fine for some situations, but for Autodesk it wasn't an option, so gladly stepped up to help.

We collaborated with the editors and art director at Redshift to deliver the featured article image that would captured the key concept for their Communication Skills For Architects article.

Check out our process below to see how the final image came to life.

Illustration Style & Color Inspiration

We pulled color from the first two images and illustration style from the second and third images. Our designer, Micah, reviewed inspiration images that served as style and color direction to present a rough sketch before finalizing line work and color.

Rough Sketch Review & Feedback

Before we could begin sketching out the image we needed to have a discussion about what keypoints in the article would best be suited for the image. We arrived at two people separated by a canyon with one guy sending all the forms of communication he can (facetime, can/string, smoke signal, napkin sketch) to another person on the other side of the canyon.

The other person is connected to the can by string, shown in the distant silhouette across the canyon.

Line Work & Color

With an approved sketch concept, we finalized the line work and added color drawn from the reference images.

Final Image

The final image is vector and allowed for quick color changes as well as refined detail with the line work.

Read the entire article at Redshift: 6 Steps to Build Stronger Communication Skills for Architects in Project Collaboration.

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