PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations are ubiquitous in today’s world. Chances are you’ve already created a ton of them yourself. So why hire a professional presentation designer? We've outlined some of the biggest reasons that customers come to us for professional presentation design.

Save money

It may seem counter-intuitive that hiring a designer could save you money, but a quality presentation designer will be able to make a beautiful slide deck efficiently. They know the quirks of the software and the ins and outs of presentation design. Why spend hours trying to figure out why PowerPoint text boxes won’t line up when you can spend it doing the things you do best? Maximizing your time means maximizing your budget.

Save time

Professional presentation designers can design and layout a huge deck fast. If you need a high-quality presentation deck done quickly, an experienced presentation designer is your best bet.

Have confidence in your final product

When your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation is designed by experienced designers you can rest easy knowing that it will look great and resonate with your audience. An adept presentation designer knows how to create your presentation in the format and ratio you need so that your presentation will wow your audience however they’re experiencing it. All you have to do is present it.

Make a great first impression

Your presentation is an advertisement for your brand. You wouldn’t try and film a commercial without some outside help—it would look sloppy and unprofessional. You should treat any customer-facing marketing materials with the same care.

Gain a storytelling advantage

Think about how many boring, bullet-pointed presentations you’ve had to struggle to stay awake through. You don’t want to put your audience in that position. A professionally designed slide deck can help your brand tell its story in a way that keeps your audience engaged and interested.

Meet your Goals

Your presentation has an objective — whether it’s to land a new client, secure funding, or get buy-in from an internal stakeholder — you have a mission to accomplish. Great design can help you communicate your ideas clearly and effectively, helping you get buy-in.

Need a little professional help with your presentations? Lightboard has helped hundreds of companies give amazing presentations. You can view our portfolio or get started on your presentation design project.