Flexport is one of our favorite customers, and as they've grown over the last year we've helped them with a ton of fun projects—custom illustration for everything from t-shirts to wall murals to a pop-a-shot for CES.

With this project, we design Thank You cards for the Flexport team to send internally in 2017. It's a great idea...someone in a far flung office helped you out—send'em a hand-written card! Having worked with Flexport so frequently, we understood the need to maintain a playful and branded approach that supported the (almost Dad-like) puns on the cards.

The final designs, below, are fresh and fun—and most importantly for us as designers, we were able to deliver the project quickly and efficiently with a combination of custom illustration, stock assets and solid typography.

Take a look:

Holy Ship, you're amazing! (version a)

Holy Ship, you're amazing! (version b)

Thanks a ton!

Thanks for all the kelp!

You Oar Awesome

You're a lifesaver

Here at Lightboard we don't actually print or manage vendors, but we can work from your specs or provide recommendations based on your needs. Our team has years of experience working with various print vendors, both digital and offset, as well as a solid understanding with specialty applications like foil stamping, letterpress, embossing, custom die-cutting, and much more.

For this project, we utilized a Vistaprint template and prepared the file using the product specs from their website. This ensured that all artwork would print correctly when the Flexport team was ready to place their order online. The Vistaprint template allowed the Flexport team to use their standard A-2 (4-3/8 x 5-3/4 inches) envelopes when mailing to their employees.

If you need help with design, take a look at how our team of designers and account managers can help you with preparing your custom print project today.