Meet Frank, the face of Ghost Social and inspiration for the illustrations we created while designing their new homepage. Each image represents their social media marketing services and play a major role in the overall look of the site.

Most illustration projects begin with a discovery phase and includes pulling together reference images for style and color treatment. In this case, having already had "Frank" gave us a great place to start—a minimal style with thick, slightly rounded lines.

Existing Illustrations

The existing illustrations for Ghost Social were helpful in terms of style and direction, but they lacked meaning and didn't apply to anything specifically related to their services. The overly heavy usage of green without a secondary color made a majority of their brand materials stale and flat. We decided to continue with the same style and color green, but realized we needed relevant images and another color to help emphasis certain key elements in each design.

Rough Sketches

After a kickoff call with the Ghost Social team and our illustrator, we had enough information for the six images to begin preparing rough sketches. Some artists prefer to stick with pencil while others use digital drawing tools like a Wacom. Both work well for quick edits before moving forward with the fully vector images.

Final Images

We finalized a total of seven fully vector illustrations. Each image has the ability to be used across a wide range of brand touch-points including social media and display ads, email marketing, animated videos, and much more. Visit the Ghost Social homepage, also designed by us, to see each of these in action.

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