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Whether it's that outdated logo that you're sick of looking at or a presentation deck that you want to appear especially professional, everyone has design needs now and then. Maybe your internal design department is just too tapped to handle the work, or maybe you're running such a lean machine that there's no one on staff with the necessary design skills to get the job done.

For whatever reason, you're thinking about calling in help. And now you're here.

But how does this whole thing work?

Lightboard is your designer-in-the-cloud for marketing and sales material. Our account managers, designers, and software are tuned to efficiently deliver small projects with spectacular results—and we want to make sure it's as easy on you as it can possibly be.

So here's what happens when you work with us:

First, you tell us what you want.

We're here to deliver, and we've got the resources to meet you wherever you are. The first step if a request from you.

Our account managers will help iron out the details. Whatever your budget or scope of work—we're on the job. Tight purse strings from the higher-ups? We're always transparent about costs. 200 hours of design work in one week? Yeah, we can handle that.

We assign you the perfect designer (or designers). We know our crew, and we know what they're great at. You tell us the look and feel you want, and we'll make sure the best folks are on the job. No more perusing of resumes for you!

We show you the work. The next time you hear from us, it'll be with something we're proud to show you. We try not to waste your time with too many go-rounds, so don't expect to see anything from us that isn't top notch.

We work with you to make sure it's perfect. Of course, not everything is a slam-dunk the first time, so we're prepared to collaborate on changes and tweaks until you're completely in love with what we're handing over!

Success! When everyone's happy, all we need to figure out is payment. We want to make this whole thing easy on your, so we accept a company credit card, check, direct deposit, or any other way to transfer real dollars from one friend to another.

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